About Us

Our Five Purposes


We believe that we are called to create an authentic community, living as members of God’s family. Membership begins with Baptism in which we receive new life.  Our new life is nurtured and grows through meeting in small “home groups.” 


is the natural and fitting reaction to the love and power, mercy and forgiveness that our awesome God offers all who choose to receive it.  It is a reaction to the beauty and holiness of God in which we demonstrate our love and praise of God


Jesus called his original followers to become his disciples.  A disciple is literally a student.  We are called to become life long learners of God


Jesus commanded all who  follow him to tell others of the Good News; that God loves them and wants to empower them to have lives  worth living.  We are called to be messengers of His love  


a people who live out God’s love through serving their community locally, nationally and internationally


Our Core values

Prayer  Prayer is conversation with God in which we speak from our hearts and listen to God’s by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Prayer is a central element of life in the parish of Cowley.  Nothing will happen without prayer

Bible  God has spoken to his people and to the world through the Bible.  It contains basic instructions for life and is an essential element in knowing God and learning to live a life worth living.

Community  We are called to live in community.  We are called to serve one another, to be an encouragement to those who are having a hard time, to sing and laugh and cry together in the journey of life.  We are called to be brothers and sister in our lives together.

We continue to push the limits of what we are capable of in the hopes of building a future where our faith is enjoyed by people the world over.


We embrace diversity and welcome new members, enquiries and visitors from all backgrounds.

A copy of our Parish Profile can be downloaded here


Our Ministry Team

  • Revd Canon Geoff Baylis Revd Canon Mark Oxbrow Revd Max Diaz-Butron Alison Lockheart Revd Joshua Hordern Revd Liam Cartwright
     Team Rector  Associate Minister  Associate Minister    LLM Curate  Curate