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Email Addresses

Canon Geoff Bayliss  [email protected] 
Canon Mark Oxbrow: [email protected]
General: [email protected]

Phone Numbers

Canon Geoff Bayliss:  (01865) 778596
Revd Gemma Beesley:  07894 637020
Canon Mark Oxbrow:   07985 631816 

You can contact a member of the Parish Team by telephone on (01865) 747 680 during office hours 

Alternatively, leave message on this number: 01865 778596 

For bookings of St. James Church Centre call (01865) 747 680

Visit St. James Church

St James Church

Located at 9 Beauchamp Lane, OX4 3LF (Beauchamp Lane intersects with Between Towns Road, look for the Templar Square multi-storey car park on the corner). The church is located at the top of the hill. Limited parking is available in the St James Church Centre car park.

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Visit St. Francis Church

St Francis Church

Is located at 226 Hollow Way, OX3 7JF which is at the corner of St Francis Court close to the junction with The Slade. There are a few car parking spaces behind the church as well as on-street parking.

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