Baptism in the churches of the Parish

New Babies are wonderful things. They are a great reminder of God’s love for us. We in the parish churches want to celebrate, with you, their arrival.

At a simple level, if you let us know that they have arrived, we can include prayers of thanks for their safe arrival in one of our morning services.

Do come and join our other Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Carers and Children at Little Stars and Sea Shells which meet at 10 am on Monday mornings (St Francis Church, Hollow Way) and Tuesday Morning (St James Church, Beauchamp Lane) 

You could join us one Sunday morning. During the morning service when we can include a prayer of thanksgiving. This would include welcoming your child into the village and the world. We can then pray for their future, health and also give thanks for their arrival.

 If you find yourself comfortable and enjoy being part of the church you might like to look into the possibility of having them baptised. 

For more information please: 

email our Baptism co-ordinator  ([email protected]

or telephone the Church office 01865 747 680

Links to Baptism application Forms: 

  1. Complete an application on line
  2. PDF (to print out and write on)   
  3. Word file to fill in and return by email

We often use a CPAS video about baptisms. You can view it at this link!

Link to first steps baptism video