Christian Festivals and Parish Events

Each year the members of the Parish of Cowley celebrate the great Christian festivals, special events in the life of our nation and community occasions as well as organising parish 'fun days' for all the family when nothing much else is  happening. 

Watch this space for announcements of each event at St. Francis Church, St. James Church and the Anglican Asian Living Church..

 The great events of the year for Christians are Easter, when we recall the resurrection of Jesus and the new life He gives us, Christmas when we celebrate God's gift to us of Jesus, Pentecost, when we thank God for His Holy Spirit and the power we experience to  overcome difficulties in daily live, and Harvest when we are thankful for all the good things we have in life.  We also celebrate other Christian festivals such as Candlemas, Ascension, and the feast days of our particular saints, St. Francis and St. James.


The next major festival will be Easter when we recall the end of Jesus' life and how the seeming tragedy of the cross was turned into victory through the resurrection on Easter Sunday. We consider what this means for us and how our own lives can be transformed by Jesus.


  One of our major events each year is our

Cowley Festival of Christmas Trees. 

For full details of this event click here.