LENT 2021

Cowley Team Ministry

Spring 2021

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Life is very difficult in this time of pandemic. Many people are asking deep questions of faith. They’re wondering about their purpose, the meaning of life… asking questions of eternity and suffering and hope. 

How can we get through the months ahead? What will the world be like after COVID? Where can we find the inspiration and strength to rebuild? What will help our children and families to stay together? Where can we find truth and a foundation for living and a future? How can we break down the isolation in our communities, so they are places of friendship not fear?

Come and See what Jesus might say about these things

Tuesday evening 7 pm on zoom (click here   Meeting ID: 873 0367 0150  Passcode: 284799  tel: 0131 460 1196, 0203 051 2874, 0203 481 5237)

5 Sessions:

1: I Believe in God, Father Almighty  

Tuesday 23rd Feb (video to be used do view it before the session if you would like link here)

2: I Believe in Jesus Christ

Tuesday 2nd March (video to be used do view it before the session if you would like link here)

3: He was crucified, died and rose again … 

Tuesday 9th March (video to be used do view it before the session if you would like link here)

4: I Believe in the Holy Spirit 

5: The Church and the forgiveness of sins

The basic format of each session follows the same pattern each week

Share – How are you? (5 mins) 

Notice – Where have you seen kindness/love/ goodness or God this week (5 mins) Question – Based on the film and Creeds reflections this week (30 minutes) 

What have you heard that energised you? 

What challenged you or left you with a question? 

What would be good to explore further ? Reflect – Using the Contemplative Toolkit (10 minutes)


For more details contact Geoff (07759393023) or Gemma (07984 637 020)