St James Church

What makes St James Church special is the people.  Yes, its true we meet in a lovely Grade 2 listed building situated in a conservation area.  It’s also true that there has been a church on this site since at least 1100. We have some fine stained glass windows and many architectural details of interest can be seen.  But the heart of the church is the people who have a love of God and a desire to serve.  We are exploring new ways to worship, featuring a slightly more contemporary style of music and liturgy.

St Francis of Assisi

There is a sense of warmth and excitement at the services at St Francis Church. The people of St Francis enjoy taking an active part in the services and members gladly participate as readers, intercessors and members of the small choir that helps lead worship.  At the start, the Server and the choir usually accompany the priest to the altar.  The altar party prays in the vestibule before and after each service.

The congregation includes a wide range of nationalities, and an age span from 3 months to 95 years.  People worship at St. Francis because they are welcomed and loved, and are happy with our robust ‘Peace.’

The Friends of Saint Francis meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, offering Bible studies, prayer and mutual support.