Welcome to the Parish of Cowley : 

Working to bring life in fullness to all who live, work and study in Cowley and the local area

As part of the Cowley Christian community we are here to serve the community as a whole - children and older people, students and workers, believers and those who are searching. We would love to meet you and hear how your journey in life might meet ours. Things are challenging in these difficult times but sometimes meeting up face to face is important. We are working to ensure that we have some 'Face to Face' Sunday  services and that the Church is open on Wednesday afternoons. If a face to face meeting is what you really need do call Geoff on 01865778596.

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What will be happening in the Churches on Sunday?

The advice is to worship from home is you are able BUT our 8 am and 10 am services will be open for live congregations. BUT do please keep your distances, wear mouth and nose covering ,and avoid lingering at the end of the services. 

Ascension day Thursday 13th May :

St James: 7:30 pm Ascension day Communion Service 

Join us live in Church but this will be streamed via Facebook link (hereFor those joining us from home please gather around you those things which will support you in your worship

We are planning for Sunday 16th May :

St James: 8 am Traditional Language Communion Service. This will be streamed via Facebook link (here)

St Francis Church: 10 am Modern language Communion Service  (We have had some difficulties streaming from St Francis. As a result we will record the service and stream it on Facebook as soon as we are able) 

For those joining us from home please gather around you those things which will support you in your worship

We are planning for Sunday 23rd May:

St James:  8 am Traditional Language Communion Service. 

Join us live in Church but this will be streamed via Facebook link (here)

St James: 10 am Pentecost Service in the Churchyard, if weather permits! 

Modern Language Communion Service Join us live in the Churchyard but this will be streamed via Facebook link (here) .  Strict Covid safe practices will be in place. 

For those joining us from home please gather around you those things which will support you in your worship

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Try out new page which has  all the short cuts you will need to pick up the services that we stream! click here

Coffee mornings on Zoom

With the changing pattern of life this has become a drop in! You can arrange to meet a friend here, and might meet up with other by chance. If nobody is around wait a while and see if other turn up. With the changing needs you might find one of the ministers but often they will out on other duties. But do enjoy the space.

Same link for every meeting each Tuesday and Saturday at 11am click here
Meeting ID: 996 6182 3367  Password: 0fFwUP

 As always if you need a hand with zoom contact us.

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Cowley Virtual Worship Group/Choir

VIRTUAL CHOIR AND BAND   if you are up for using technology and would like to try being part of our '

Virtual Cowley Worship Band / Choir to make music for our online services and returning non-singing worship, We’d love to have you!

You will be able to record on a laptop or on an android or apple phone.  You may need some plug in earphones but Geoff should be able to find some of these! 

 www.Bandlab.com   provides a way for us to be able to make music together at home!   Why not sign up?   Loo for ‘Cowley Worship Band’. If you would like an invite sent contact Geoff

There are some training videos in our training play-list https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMs6SS5vOVW_GsYQsqkWttCUZXFg4G2o8

Open the Book

Open the Book Click 'here' to get to the YouTube Channel

Bishop Stven

Living well through the next six months

Living with COVID-19 will be hard for everyone this winter. The Prime Minister has asked us all to observe the Rule of Six. There are lessons and challenges that Christians can draw from this number to help us live well in these times. BIshop Steven offers us some hope and direction in these challenging times. LInk 


A Prayer for Oxford


During the Covid-19 pandemic you may find the following instructions helpful as you connect with us. 

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 Open the Book and School Assemblies 
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Anglican Asian Living Church

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Bishop Steven Croft visits Anglican Asian Living Church

 The Anglican Asian Church Youth Choir 


- a journey which for most of us is life-long.